Saturday, January 10, 2009

A rediscovery

I rediscovered, or rather, I found, the paper plane that I made when my parents were visiting. It flew very well, and I was disappointed that I had lost it: it was more of a doodle than a design, but I wasn't able to recreate it.
Today I discovered it sitting in a partition in my computer bag, so I took it apart and deconstructed it so that I could fold it again. It is somewhat similar to the one I made a month ago, but a bit more subtle. And it flies even better -- as I recalled that the original did.
I've now tweaked it a bit further --- in a bit of real design rather than doodling, and it is even better still. Once I finally get the plane diagrammed (I'm about halfway through, thanks to the fact that much of it is similar to the one I did last month!) I may consider posting it.

I made several copies of it today: and this kept the children busy for ages --- flying them, then running for them, flying and running, flying and running.
Much fun:-)

Yours, in a mix of design and doodle,

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