Saturday, July 19, 2008

The year of swimming fearlessly

This is definitely the year of swimming, so far... We went over to the pool at lunchtime: we had lunch first with B&P (who live in the complex where the pool is located), and then all headed to the water with them.
Boo took the opportunity to learn to swim in deep water: she had previously been rather timid about going out of her depth, but this afternoon she took to it like the proverbial duck. She also decided to learn to swim breaststroke as well, picking it up almost immediately.
Skibo, not to be outdone, is progressing at learning to swim with his head down in the water. He's also now jumping in without having to hold hands, or even jump to someone waiting to catch him --- at least in water where he's able to stand on his toes.

It's really amazing to see the rate of their progress over the past six days. Absolutely incredible. And while most of the credit must be shared with their teacher (who is fantastic), the progress that the two of them have made on their own outside of the lessons is really stunning!

Yours, delivering the pool report,

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