Monday, July 28, 2008

slave to posting

Since the beginning of the year (and perhaps somewhat earlier), I've posted consistently. There's not a day without at least one post. Part of the reason for this is that, while I enjoy posting, I'm running out of topics (other than my excitement and simultaneous digust with the US elections this autumn): and I know that if I don't force myself to a regular schedule (every day is best for me) I'll just end up posting less and less -- until I give up. I've seen a good number of other blogs do this -- but I don't want to do so. This is the longest I've kept a journal going ever: I've managed months before, but never a full year or more.
I appreciate the few of you who post comments -- I'm really not writing for you, or at least, not just for you: I'm writing for myself most of all -- but the comments help.
So, I'll sign off today:

Yours, in thanks to you,


awareness said...

I think thats the only way to think about write for yourself. I too have that fear that if I don't try to write everyday, I'm sunk. However, I am running out of steam a bit.....and SO want to write more commentary and political bits. I have to mind my "p's" and " q's" though.

kenju said...

Amen. Write for yourself, no matter who else reads it. I hope you will enjoy the beach!