Friday, July 18, 2008

Important things in my life

I have many important things in my life: some of them I choose to bring up on the blog (how wonderful my sprogs can be, and LOML too: my love of food, and more especially cooking it) and others I tend not to bring up (what I do for a living, though I've left occasional hints, and an inquiring mind could probably add three and three and get one mod five). Politics sort of sits in the middle. And I'm thinking of following Joke's possibly-yet-to-be example, and setting up another blog, perhaps even under another nym, to satisfy my utter need to vent in this political season.

But then, if I do that, could I stop there???? Wouldn't I then need a new blog, just for the intellectual content related to my job-life? And then perhaps another for my children's amazing exploits? And one devoted to LOML?

And then where does yeastandgluten end up? Actually, given that I haven't baked any bread in over two weeks (precisely two weeks, seven hours and twelve minutes since I took a focaccia out of the oven), perhaps this site would fall flat, no longer rising to the challenge.

Yours, wondering where it would all end,

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Joke said...

I think a good rule of thumb is that one ought have one blog where one doesn't care if one's readership is cleft in twain, and one where one does care.

A simple division, methinks.

Now, in MY case, I would tread lightly. If I over-focus on those things that prompt spleen venting ("Did you read what Gov. XYZ said???") that actually tends to negatively affect my state of mind.

As does the opposite, wherein I have to perpetually shut up about what a sniveling cretin I consider Gov. XYZ to be.

All I want is equilibrium and sanity, really.