Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Storms, swimming and friends

Today was a slightly stormy day --- for about an hour, just around the time we were getting ready to go to the (outside) swimming pool for Boo and Skibo's lessons. Naturally, they were cancelled: lots of lightning and swimming lessons don't mix: we'll make the lesson up on Friday, weather permitting.
Actually, I was okay with the class being cancelled today: the teacher had been stressing to Boo that she could do some things yesterday, and the class devolved for a few minutes into a battle of wills. Eventually Boo lost, but it was painful for a little while. As such, I thought that an extra day before the next lesson might make things easier.
Plus, the children's best friends are back in town --- they'd been to California for several weeks (where their father fell of his bicycle to celebrate his 40th birthday --- leading indirectly to a rather badly infected knee) and they and their mother came over for dinner. An absolutely delightful time was had by all, with the exception of Boo insisting that her friend take one of her toys with her as a gift --- a toy given to her by her babysitter, who will notice its absence, making it somewhat less suitable for a re-gift. Oh well, a few tears. The friends are back, the tears will flow, and stop, and smiles will shine. And repeat.

Yours, happily,

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