Monday, July 7, 2008

On the sidelines

Sidelined, yesterday, by a summer cough, I watched the final. Note how now, it has become that: no need to specify anything else. Just "The Final".

Not that I would have been out there playing tennis (I've never really played: rowing and squash were more my sports at college, recreationally I'd rather swim or cycle): but I have one of those tickles-becoming-hacking-becoming-painful going on, and I've found lying down eases the coughing.

What a match! And to have it interrupted by rain like that, with the lead going one way, then the other... I'm disappointed, in some ways, to hear that Wimbledon will finally have a roof next year --- so that there are no more rain delays. So much for tradition.

Now if I could only get an eye-witness report on Henley... or better yet, television coverage!

Yours, (cough)

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