Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Y!

Happy Fourth of July, that is!
We had out now-traditional (seventh year in a row) party: somewhere between 40 and 60 people or so: lots to eat (so lots of leftovers for tomorrow etc).

LOML had the inspiration to buy a canopy cover for the deck: essentially a tent without sides --- which we put up this morning.
At 3:30 this afternoon, I heard a call from the deck --- "Help, quick!" The canopy, which we had not yet tied down, had reacted badly to a stormy gust of wind, and had ended up on the roof. Broken, too, as it turned out. Hopefully the store will take it back (the way that it broke suggests a design flaw in the struts, to my way of thinking.

The party was fun: lots of different types of people, so some nice intermingling going on. A few small tensions, but only a few, so I think that we can count this one a success.

Yours, partied-out,

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