Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day two

It started off with Boo being reluctant to do the things that her teacher asked of her: she didn't want to swim towards her, to keep her head in the water, to let her feet rise to the surface so that she could kick, etc.
It took a few minutes, but she was gradually worn down, and decided to just do as her teacher asked; it was brilliant! Boo is now swimming for ten seconds or more, basically with her face under water the whole time.
And Skibo decided after watching for a few times that he was ready to do the same thing. Yes, scaredy-cat Skibo, terrified of independence, as it sometimes seems, let go, put his faith in her, in the water, and in his own abilities, and launched himself.

We all swam for a while after the lesson was over: and Skibo got better and better and better! All in all a day to make us proud!

Yours, making a splash of it,

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