Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good advertising

I bought some CDs yesterday, and I'd like to tell about my positive experiences: they brought such a smile to my face that I'm wanting to tell the world how wonderful these people are.
First, Zoe Lewis's newest CD is out: as in it is released, but doesn't appear to be for sale anywhere yet: she had emailed her mailing list to say that she would ship early copies out to those who sent her a cheque: I couldn't find my chequebook for many weeks (because I write a cheque about once every three years!). I finally happened upon it, so I emailed to ask whether the disk would be available online soon, or should I send a cheque: and she replied, within five minutes (!) that I should just send a cheque, and oh, by the way, just email my address to her and she'd send the disk immediately and trust me to send the money! The money is on the way, as apparently is the disk.
I had discovered that there was an earlier disk of hers that we don't have, available on CDBaby --- and so looked around that site for some other music: a couple of disks of children's songs in French, and ordered them. Immediately I got an auto-generated response, saying that I'd get an email from a real live human within a day, letting me know things had been shipped: I expected to get something by this afternoon, but no, it was within an hour: and the message was beautiful: it talked of
how lovingly the CDs had been plucked from the shelves, placed on satin pillows, etc. Beautifuly funny, and left me with all sorts of warm fuzzies for the company.

So, buy some good independent music from they pay the artists a much higher portion of the price than other places, they are pleasant to deal with, and you too can get a lovely "we've shipped" message to make your day!

Yours, wanting to help advertise these people,

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