Sunday, July 13, 2008

Comfort viewing

There is something immensely comforting to both LOML and me, having grown up in the UK, about some British mystery series. We've just watched a few episodes of Lewis, the Morse spin-off, with great delight: tonight it was Foyle's War, set in WWII Hastings, and starring Michael Kitchen: the quality of the acting is so superbly understatedly subtle: the scenery is beautiful (and still, in a way, home): and there is a gentle reality about the existence, even when it involves lots of murders, that seems lacking in most American crime dramas. Indeed, perhaps this is the key difference: over here there are crime dramas: over there there are dramas that happen to be about crime.

Anyway, when Foyle retired at the end of the last season of episodes, we were so disappointed we immediately tried to find a realistic way out --- and the writers found it. And he's back. And we are pleased to be

Yours, Foyle'd again,

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