Saturday, July 12, 2008


Having decided that Hellboy II looked fascinating, LOML went to the movies tonight. I had similarly made a decision on the same movie, but in the opposite direction, so I stayed at home with the children:-) We watched The Little Mermaid instead (Boo wanted to go with LOML, but I explained that Hellboy II was a really scary movie: ten times as scary as The Little Mermaid (which she had long refused to watch on grounds of scariness): so between us we decided she and Skibo would watch that. With me there for them to sit on my lap during the scary parts.

It was quite delightful: admittedly we did fast forward through a few scenes (with subtitles on, I can read the dialogue on double speed:-) and Boo cried near the end, unwilling to trust me that things would work out okay. And she was very upset that Ariel's daddy wouldn't get to see her much again... so I twisted the plot a bit, and pointed out he could choose to come to the surface any time he wanted to see her:-)

For dinner, chicken soup with rice, Boo insisted that her name was Ariel, and that she be called that rather than Boo. All meal long. As wearing as it was, it was really quite sweet.

Given that they were willing to try this one, perhaps we can try them on some other movies soon...

Yours, taking it frame by frame,

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awareness said...

my favourite is Finding the turtle dudes and the shark.