Monday, September 3, 2007

White whole wheat flour, the third baking

I gave white whole wheat a second try last week --- with a sour dough recipe.
It was a bust. Not as good as the first batch.
So today, I ran a test: two ordinary batches of wholewheat bread: one with regular wholewheat flour, one with white wholewheat; a biga or poolish to start, molasses and oatmeal as additives, but other than that, yeast, flour, salt and water.
The breads were both good: they were both comparable. The flavours were good: the lift was slightly better in the white whole wheat, but it was a minor difference.
The colours of the loaves were slightly different, but it was far from being close to white bread: it was just a little lighter in colour than the full wholewheat loaf.

As a consequence, I'm probably not going to bother with while whole wheat flour: the children will eat brown bread, so even if it came in a lighter colour, it wouldn't matter: the flavour is not quite as complex and full: and the fibre content is lower by a little.

Please let me know if you find a recipe where this flour shines, and I'll try it again:
otherwise, I'll stick to my tried and true flours.

Yours, in conclusion,

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Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I bake bread! White flour, rye flour, wheat flour, no flour, yeast, sourdough. . . you name it.

But dude. White whole wheat flour? Why?

Now, please tell me you DON'T use a bread machine. You don't, do you? Please tell me you don't.


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