Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Boo is taking dance classes this semester for the first time: and tonight, LOML needed to work on some stuff for tomorrow, so Skibo and I went with Boo to her class: unfortunately it is about a 25 minute drive each way, so there was lots of time for fussing back and forth between them in the back of the minivan (including on the way back actually stopping the vehicle and placing one of them in the miscreant relocation program -- seating them in a different row -- the first time I've actually had to do it: the threat is usually sufficient). Still we got there, and Boo got her tap shoes on (the first half is tap, the second half ballet). Now, Skibo was extremely keen to watch her dancing, but unfortunately the tap class was behind a closed door: however, after twenty minutes (and extremely good behaviour on his part!)
the class switched to ballet, and we were able to watch it for a few minutes.

It was wonderful to see -- and forgive the proud-parenthood-ness when I say that she was the only child in the class to get what the teacher was saying -- and she was one of the younger children too! She extended her wings to fly like an aeroplane, she jumped over boxes beautifully, and best of all, she leapt into a second position bent knee, feet turned out perfectly. Not a single other child managed it.

After the class the teacher came up and asked if Boo was my child --- and told me that she was wonderful, so smart and "I think I can teach her to be a wonderful dancer".

Yours, pleased as punch,


alice c said...

Encourage her because it will give her wonderful posture which will last all her life. Ballet is also an amazing workout - something which teenage girls are not known for volunteering for. Also - she might fall in love with it!

BreadBox said...

I intend to encourage her --- I think that it is great for her to find the confidence to be good at these things, although I am not a 100% sure I would want her to take it to a professional level (some of the professional dancers I've met were pretty messed up!)
It was really fantastic watching her last night, though: so much more poise and understanding than the other girls in the class!