Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, it's been a long weekend -- thank goodness it's over, so I can get back to work and get some decent rest!
Yesterday and today we had birthday parties to go to: friends of Boo and Skibo turning 4 and 5 respectively. Attending birthday parties with small children is rather exhausting: they are small enough to still need attention at the party (Skibo in particular is always turning to me or LOML, throwing up his arms, and saying "Hold me! Hold me!" which we're doing less and less frequently now that he's hitting close to 40 pounds!)
While yesterday's party was at an indoor, but superheated, pool, this afternoon's bash was at the child's (parents') house. And the party was outside, from 1 to 3 pm. And the mercury hit 90 degrees F, which is something like "'kin' hot" in Celsius! Fortunately there were some trees, so there was some shade... Still, a very pleasant party, and the birthday boy ended up being the one to split open the pinata, which seemed appropriate!

And then we went out to B's (and his parents) for dinner: burgers and fries, home made, and delicious. And so now, stuffed and satisfied, children asleep, I'm sitting with laptop on lap, watching Corner Gas, and waiting to put the next few days bread in the oven.

So even though I'm still exhausted, I feel pretty good....

Yours, satisfied, but not smug,


Carmi said...

Chaotic as they are, these are the moments they'll remember when they're older. I cherish these kinds of parties because I know they'll be over soon enough.

They grow too fast. Michele agrees, which is why she sent me to share in the joy.

Corner Gas is a great way to power down after a weekend like this!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your made my day! I will definitely try them!!
The superheated pool sounds icky in this weather...and kids' parties wear me out, too...but I'm sure your kids had an awesome time! :)

Awareness said...

Hey N!

Now that I've experienced those b-day parties.....i will cherish them as Carmi points out. But THANK GOD they are over and done with. there's always one kid who grew up with a mighty dose of entitlement that always seems to get in the way.

We're now into sleepover parties, and you know what? Much easier, believe it or not.