Sunday, September 9, 2007

More relaxing

More relaxing was required today. Last week was not a good one for LOML at work, and so we needed downtime, relaxation, recovery, so that next week can be faced fresh.
After videoconferencing with LOML's parents (which we do every Sunday morning) we went to the botanical gardens for a walk -- it is finally just unbearably hot enough to do that before midday, and it was a very pleasant morning, throwing leftover bread to the ducks and geese, exploring the trails, etc.
This afternoon I cooked a bolognese-ish style sauce for meals a couple of evenings this week, and cooked a roast chicken for dinner. The kids sat in front of the tv for a couple of hours, which usually would bother me, but they both have seal-barking coughs, and we didn't want them running around too much, so we chose the cheap way out.
I also spoke to my parents: it looks like they are going to come out to visit in a few weeks time, which will be wonderful (though we are probably going to have to spend a few dollars on a sofa-bed so LOML and I can sleep in with the sprogs while they are here!
All in all a nice weekend.

Yours, contented.


David said...

i love roasting chicken , but have you ever tried "beer can" chicken?,1977,FOOD_9936_19397,00.html
here from michele.

Paul said...

I always like to read the way you sign off. Creative as all get out.
Yours, impressed.

Awareness said...

Sundays are my favourite are Saturdays...... But, Sunday is roast chicken and relaxing. Sunday is connecting with family and hanging with loved ones.

Hope the barky coughs are going away. Hope your LOYL is having a less stressful beginning of the week.