Saturday, September 29, 2007


Unable to find paella rice (Bomba, from Spain, or a similar product from Mexico) we went with the next best thing -- arborio rice, which we always have on hand for making risotto.
I did a fairly traditional seafood/chicken/pork paella, that is to say, completely inauthentic. I put a heavy sear on a couple of thick pork chops, some strips of chicken breast, some andouille sausage (because in this enlightened time, in this enlightened place, chorizo is unobtainable... at least in the three stores we went to) and then sauteed an onion, some garlic, and some diced tomatoes.
Threw in some arborio rice, some stock, saffron, and at the end some shrimp and some squid.
LOML had always seemed uninterested in my making this --- and then on tasting it, had a change of opinion. A broad smile, accompanied by "Oh, my god, this is good.... I should have let you make this ten years ago..."

Perhaps I'll post a slightly more detailed recipe soon...
Yours, vindicated,


Rebecca Taunton said...

Mmm, sounds good. There's quite a mix of flavours there, but it sounds wonderful.

Shame you couldn't get hold of the chorizo. I actually had that for the first time on Thursday (it was lovely). I don't think I've tried andouille before.

alice c said...

Do you have a special paella pan? The problem with paella recipes is that they are always huge quantities - you end up with enough to feed a Spanish village. I hope that your father made an exception from his Beanz diet