Friday, September 7, 2007

Imaginary friends

My imaginary friends when I was small were the Waggywahs. My mother tells the story of how their name came to be as follows:
"When you were small, I really liked jaguars, especially the E-type. And every time we were out around town, and I saw one, I'd point and say 'Look, a jaguar!'"
Apparently I was fascinated with whatever it was my mother was pointing at -- and had no clue that it was a rather nice car. So I started seeing, and talking to and playing with, waggywahs too.

Boo has a whole family of friends: most especially Malady, but also her sisters/brothers/relatives/whatever Maggady, Claggady, Zaggady, Zueggedy, etc. She is fully aware that they are imaginary, and on occasion will describe them as such, and in a context which makes it clear that she knows what that means. At the same time, she will often claim they have been doing actual things. Occasionally they'll apparently tell her it is okay to do things that we tell her she is not allowed to do. This, of course, makes us cranky.

Skibo has his own private imaginary friend Dodo. We are pretty clear that his name is a corruption of the name of our dog Sojo (short for Sojourner, so not pronounced in any spanish Soho-type of way!) He has not yet told us much about Dodo, except when he wants something he always explains that Dodo does this, or has it, or is allowed it...

Quite fascinating for a realist to watch:-)

Yours, in friendship,


Mother of Invention said...

Hi from Michele's! I didn't have imaginary friends but a blankie named Ki-Ki who talked and did all kinds of stuff with me...and also some other bad stuff that others blamed on me!!!

BreadBox said...

[grin]: I'd say that your blankie was a perfect incarnation of an imaginary friend: "she's not imaginary: look: here she is!"


gautami tripathy said...

I still have an imaginary friend inside my head.

Do you think I am kind of mad?


gautami tripathy said...

Oops! Michele sent me again!!