Monday, September 24, 2007

Trouble at 't mill

It seems that there may possibly be big changes ahead in our life. There has been tension under the surface with LOML's job, and it now appears that things have come to enough of a head that it may be time to move on. This may be the time at which to choose to leave a broken enterprise, rather than staying and trying to stand between the ship and the iceberg.
This will be a shame for many reasons, almost all of them good ones.

As for now, we may be hours or even minutes from knowing more.
Yours, in turmoil,


Bob-kat said...

This sounds quite stressful. Being squished between a ship and an iceberg is not a comfortable place to be at all. I do hope that things turn out well. Sometimes, even an enforced change due to situational matters can turn out for the best. I wish only the best for you.

Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way.

Awareness said...

turmoil seems to be the way of being these days. My warm wishes to YLOYL..........and let her know that the angst and yuks she's feeling them as well.

this too shall pass......and perhaps wonderful opportunities and adventures are in store.

kenju said...

I hope it turns out for the best, Breadbox. Keep us posted.

Bernie said...

These times can be terrible, we sure know about it... L has been doing HDA (higher duties allowance) for some time, 5 years, and nothing seems to be permanent yet either!!!

burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog

alice c said...

I am so sorry - change is always stressful even if it is for the best. You can only appreciate the positive aspects in hindsight. Take care of yourself.

Lisa said...

I hope you get your news soon! (sometimes waiting is the hardest part) and that it all works out for you! Michele sent me!