Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scotch eggs, the recipe

I looked at several recipes --- Sam posted a link to Delia Smith's recipe, and it is a good one -- I increased the amount of sausage slightly, and I think that hers might be a little less meaty than I would like.
Here is what I used/did:

1 lb sausage (I used a local farm sausage that I like: spicy would work for me, but not for the children!)
6 eggs (I happened to have extra large)
Fresh or dried herbs to taste
Salt, pepper.
1 beaten egg

Mix the herbs and seasonings in with the sausage. Form six equal sized patties, each about 3 inches by 5 inches, oval-ish in shape.

I hardboiled the eggs per Delia Smith's directions, cooled and peeled them:
dusted them in flour, which I brushed off with my hands as much as possible.
I wrapped them in sausage: at this stage, I think the extra quantity of sausage I used made it much easier. To wrap with sausage, I sort of rolled the egg up in the patty, and sealed round the egg. Easier to try than to describe in words!

Then I lightly dusted the sausage with flour, brushed off excess, dipped into the beaten egg and then into breadcrumbs, and into hot oil. My oil was at the high end of the 350-375 range she suggests, and I'd probably take it at the low end next time.

The scotch eggs were done in well under six minutes, and were definitely more on the brown rather than golden brown side. But they were absolutely delicious.

Yours, stuffed,


Star said...

So THAT"S what a Scotch egg is. No actual Scotch. huh?(kidding)

~A~ said...

Mine are similar only I use 2lbs of sausage and 10 eggs.

I dust in flour, dip into beaten egg and then wrap in sausage so that they're 1/2 inch thick.

Roll in fresh breadcrumb (and I know you NEVER have any of that around. *snort*)

Once eggs are ready heat the oil till 350 and deep fry one at a time till golden.

Serve cold or at room temp.

Janet said...

this reminds me of my grandmother's scotch eggs!

BreadBox said...

Janet: I would never *dream* of teaching your grandmother to scotch eggs:-)


Sam said...

I know this has taken me a long time to get here - but here I am, albeit belatedly to congratulate you on your scotch eggs!