Sunday, September 16, 2007

A simple supper

A flask of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou
and to cease quoting Khayaam/Fitzgerald (a dreadful translation, apparently, but a lovely transliteration into poetry!) some cheese and sausage too: we'll have all that for supper and it will just have to do.
Actually, we are rather looking forward to it. We went to the Whole Foods yesterday afternoon after our bed-buying expedition: they are a more organic-friendly store than most grocery chains (and have a consequent nickname "whole paycheck") and I had not made it there since they opened a year or two ago. Somehow, driving 45 minutes to a grocery store seems like rather more than a weekly chore.
Especially with two small sprogs in tow. We ended up cutting the trip shorter than we might otherwise have done: the children were being good, but there is only so much good in a three or a four year old child, and we wanted to miss the eruption.
But we did take time to take in the cheese selection: quite a variety of cheeses not to be found in the regular stores around here: hence our plans for supper this evening.
Unfortunately the very reasonably priced, very nice looking block of Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio got left out for about 10 minutes after we got home. This wouldn't be a problem, were it not for the fact that a cat managed to jump up to the counter, rip the plastic wrapping it, and gouge most of it away: a huge crater in the block, the size of a small saucer. That darned cat!

But LOML and I have decided, together with our friends, B's parents, that one day soon we are going to get a babysitter, and go. Just us grownups. For a nice day out to the grocery store.

Yours, simply put,


PI said...

I do sympathise. It seems only yesterday that I was walking to the car with two grumpy kids and one of the bags I was carrying burst and I watched oranges rolling into the road. Michele hopes you have a good week and so do I.

Shephard said...

What a lucky kitty!

I count myself lucky to have a rather large, deluxe "Whole Paycheck" near us (how very SoCal, yes?). And I do love cheese. Adore it actually. We find things there that make life a lot more healthy. :) And there are a few celebs who shop there as well, so that always makes an outing fun.

Michele sent me today,
~S :)

November Rain said...

hi from michelle

my hubby prefers simply suppers

Crazy Single Mom said...

Michele sent me :-)
We just had a Whole Foods open up here in CT a few years ago too, and I agree it is nicknamed whole paycheck, but some of the stuff is so worth it! I love their boneless turkey breast, which I had the other night!

Awareness said...

Cats are truly evil. Dogs on the other hand....... :)

If you do manage to find a sitter and head to the grocery store, take a picnic basket and find a wonderful place to enjoy the experience.

ps. I buy my cheese at the Market here.......mmmmmmm yummy and what a selection!!

Last Girl On Earth said...

Hey there! Michele sent me, and now I'm going to have to head on over to my fridge for some of that great cheese I got from the fancy cheese store yesterday! Have a great week.

Anne said...

Hi, I'm here from Michele's. I remember those days of shopping with wee ones, don't worry, it gets better!

kenju said...

I have been to our Whole Foods twice this year, and now that we have to change our eating habits, I will go back soon. I need to educate myself about low-fat and salt cooking, and I think that is a good place to start.
Michele says hi tonight.

alice c said...

We have an excellent internet based delivery system for all our supermarket chains in the UK - I know that it is not the same as standing at the cheese counter and drooling but if it brings you the cheese without needing a babysitter...

BreadBox said...

Alice: ah, but do they deliver to the US?
Actually, we used to love going shopping as a family: now we toss coins to see who gets to go by themselves for an hour:-)