Saturday, September 8, 2007

Skibo, the middle aged man

Skibo is beginning to lose his baby fat, to skinny up: to become a little boy, rather than a toddler. So it was a bit of a surprise this morning when I was beginning help him (more encourage than help) to get dressed: he put on his shorts, pulled them up, and I helped to do the button at the waist.
He complained: "the shorts are too tight" he said: he unbuttoned the shorts -- exclaimed "Aaaah" in a that's-better way, and sat on the sofa, looking for all the world like he ought to be overweight, middle aged, and popping a beer after dinner!

Yours, in amusement, and hopefully not premonition,

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alice c said...

It won't be long before you look at him - on what seems like a weekly basis - and say "Goodness, those trousers are too short - how could that have happened without me noticing?"