Saturday, September 13, 2008

Traffic and football

A problem I never knew in the UK: I live near a town whose college (american) football is rather popular: and in order to make it easier for the fans to attend, they station a policeman at key traffic lights to keep them green in the direction of traffic.
The game got out this afternoon. About half an hour later I realised that I needed to go to our local grocery store, on the other side of the main highway. I'd forgotten that they might have a cop there when traffic is leaving as well.
I'm still fuming.
I sat in the queue for the light for ten minutes. He let through about ten cars. I got to the very front of the line, and had to wait for another ten minutes until the cop decided to change the lights. On the way back, I was the ninth car. He let five through before changing back to the majority direction. He let through about five hundred cars in the cross direction before letting my direction through.

Altogether, I spent about forty minutes waiting to get through a single light in twice. And it was hot. And I was sitting with the windows open and the engine off to conserve gas.

Yours, hot and bothered.

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