Thursday, September 11, 2008

Having a wobbly

Tooth, that is.
Boo's finally got her first wobbly tooth --- at nearly six years old.
Her best friend, nine months younger, got her first loose tooth about two years ago, so this has been a major issue for a little while.

We are, of course, thrilled. In theory. It's going to fall to me to help encourage the tooth out (by waiting, tying a thread to a door handle, or whatever), since LOML is made rather queasy just by the thought of a loose tooth.

I seem to recall from when I was a child that it took forever for a loose tooth to actually come out --- which probably means that it was a couple of days or so. We'll see.

Yours, thinking of offering Boo an apple,

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alice c said...

I want to know all about the adventures of the Breadbox tooth fairy. Just so you know that you have a responsibility to your reading public.