Monday, September 22, 2008

Messed up electoral systems...

Here in the US almost all of our electoral systems are messed up: and I have a small, modest proposal to mess with it further: instead of just allowing people to vote early (as happened starting today in three states) let's allow them to vote early, and publish the running vote totals in each state. That way, we could really get the enthusiasm up and running on both sides of the race: early voters would know that they were encouraging later votes: and most importantly, the six weeks before the election would be less tedious.

Yours, watching every poll, only to find they're opinion polls this month,

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bigbucketgirl said...

We're following it all from here(UK) and what gets me is how long it all takes! It seems incredulous that it cant be done and dusted sooner! I like your running total idea..that would be interesting.