Monday, September 1, 2008

A new month...

And with the new month, another chance to say --- hey, let's try to find something new to say.
Of course, given where Gustav is, and has been, it's not going to be something all that new: I am currently tremendously relieved to hear that Gustav seems not to have hit NOLA as hard as might have been the case. I do, however, remember very well thinking the very same thing on Monday morning after Katrina hit New Orleans: everything seemed like they'd dodged a bullet. And then the hell broke loose, and we've seen the city and its people try to recover for three years since.
Here's wishing the city well, and hoping that they'll be safe.

Here a few hundred miles north and east, we're hoping that some of the rain from the next storm, Hanna, due to hit later this week, will come up inland far enough to dampen us.

Yours, holding out hope, for them, and for us,

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