Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boo and gymnastics

Boo's been doing gymnastics for most of her life --- since she was about a year old --- and she's pretty good at it. She's recently moved up from the little childrens' class --- the five and under set, to the six and up group (even though her birthday's not for a couple of months they said she was ready to go up).
Tonight was my first opportunity to go and watch her practice in the new class: it was wonderful to see: she was in a group with slightly older children --- they group them into groups of four or five, and group mainly by ability.
Today they were at last doing things that started to look like they were learning real gymnastics: doing forward rolls, assisted, on a balance beam, for example. Exciting stuff, and I expect her to be doing really well pretty soon. Even better than she is now, that is.

Yours, on balance,

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