Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Boo and Skibo have discovered gum. Well, they have discovered the existence of gum: chewing gum, bubble gum, everything except spruce gum, it seems.
Their friends all seem to be allowed to have gum. And LOML and I, being mean, cold-hearted miserable parents, are unwilling to let them follow suit.

I know that at some point we're going to give in and they'll become regular gum-chewing, bubble-popping children. But we'd rather it happen on our own timetable, not on that of other parents who choose to give in rather more easily and earlier than we do.

Yours, girding for battle,


Joke said...

Now I'm wondering if there's something about gum -- which we parsimoniously dole out to our lads -- that I ought know but don't.


BreadBox said...

Yes. There is. It drives LOML and me crazy.

We will no doubt dole it out parsimoniously too. But not at the ages of 5 and 4.

dottycookie said...

Good for you. I'd be scared they'd choke on it, let alone any other worries!

alice c said...

Heh! The first of the battles in which other children have All The Fun and you don't let your own underprivileged children have Any Fun At All.

(do you want to borrow my T Shirt?)