Thursday, September 18, 2008

My take on Spain and McCain

I've listened to the interview on a Spanish-owned radio station in Florida a few times through, trying to understand how he could make the goof he made.
It appears to me that he misses completely the initial reference to Spain (even though she says it extremely clearly): he then fails to ask her to repeat the question, either at the first, second or third time of asking.
In addition, when she says "what about Europe", he hears it as "what about your op", to which he replies "what about my what?", coming the closest that he gets to asking her to repeat a question.

The fact, however, that the campaign is now willing to spin it as "we're not going to meet with Spain" rather than have him look like he can't hear a question right.... And in the process, I think it makes him look far worse: both old and confused, and at the same time, willing to risk diplomatic relations to avoid looking old and confused.

Yours, merely confused,

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