Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A crisis of education

We are, as a family, rapidly approaching a crisis.
A crisis of education. At the ages of 5 and 4 respectively.

Of course, the children don't know it it: it is only their parents who are in full on, lock-down crisis avoidance mode.

We have our first parent-teacher conference tomorrow afternoon. And while Boo's teacher seems absolutely lovely as a person, and well qualified and able as a teacher, we are terribly concerned about the simplicity of the tasks she is setting Boo. We are giving all sorts of extra (and hopefully fun) work at home --- counting games, word tracing, etc, all things that she enjoys --- but at the moment it feels like she, and another three or four of her class of fifteen or sixteen, are about a year ahead of the assigned class tasks. In a class of this size, with two teachers, surely they could organize things so that children get ability-appropriate learning assignments....

And if the meeting tomorrow doesn't successfully address this problem, I suspect that by the new year we'll be back driving for miles and miles each way to the Montessori school.

Yours, in crisis,

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