Saturday, May 31, 2008

First corn of the summer

Not ours, unfortunately. But good nonetheless.
We're having friends over for dinner tomorrow, and I'm feeling completely uninspired about what to cook for them --- it's just friends with kids for dinner, not a dinner party, nothing special, but I'm still uninspired. However, in the store this morning, the corn looked reasonable, so I bought four ears, and this evening soaked it and grilled it until the husks were charred. We had leftover macaroni and cheese from a couple of nights ago, with grilled andouille sausage: lovely.

I can't believe we've not had fresh corn before now: I think it is partly because we planted a bunch of it, and we've been waiting (and waiting) for that to be ready: but it's still a few weeks to go, so we've gotten started without it:-)

Yours, feeling corny,

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Anonymous said...

I love fresh corn, just love it. I have never heard of soaking it before cooking. Can you share the reasoning there, please?