Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day cake

The children chose the cake to make for mother's day today (here in the US it is always in mid-May): they elected for a white cake with a lemon curd cream and frozen raspberry filling. After some discussion about whether LOML or I would make it, we settled down to constructing it.
Lots of fun little things for the children to help out with: cutting out parchment paper circles to line the cake pans with, sifting the flour a couple of times, stirring some cream into the lemon curd to thin it before folding in the whipped cream, spreading the filling and placing the raspberries.
Of course, with dessert there's not the same need to give them ownership of the food: they like almost all desserts and will eat them until the cows come home. But still, it is lovely to see them develop a love of cooking!

Prior to the dessert, we had our traditional "special dinner" dinner: smoked salmon over linguini in a white wine, shallots, cream and dill sauce. And the children do love that dish too, so they both ate everything on their plates.

Yours, feeling foody,

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