Saturday, May 17, 2008

A modest proposal for the democrats

A suggestion: next time around, how about you get rid of caucuses: the fact that they can be spun as suggesting that those participating are worth less than those voting in a primary illustrates one of the problems.
Second, get rid of delegates entirely. Let's have an election. And lets make it unlike the presidential election: let's actually have the votes count, so that a vote in Iowa is worth the same as a vote in Idaho. If you want to continue staggering the elections so that we get an ongoing picture, so that candidates drop out, etc, that's fine. But let's actually count the popular vote. And most definitely don't adopt the Republican method of winner-takes-all in states --- it's hard to design a more disenfranchising "fair" system than that.
Why not stagger the elections so that there are about three primaries per week, each week for about four months. Enough concentration to keep the interest, and spread out to generate excitement in the race over a sustained period.

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