Friday, May 16, 2008

Field day

Of course, we forgot the camera in the shuffle.
I took the kids to school this morning, since LOML wanted to buy some manure to plant roses in this afternoon. We met up a little later at the school, LOML taking Skibo and me taking Boo, to go to their field day.
I expected that they would be active almost immediately: unfortunately (while it was tremendous fun for adults to watch) there were a bunch of older-kid events first, and I think that the children lost their patience and interest.
It may on occasion seem that I think that we have perfect children (heck, even I occasionally feel that way about them) but today was not one of those days for me. Boo, and subsequently Skibo, refused point blank to participate in most of the activities (things like running carrying a potato, egg-and-spoon-races, three legged races). All the other kids were having lots of fun, and ours were refusing to join in.

Now I worry about what it says about us as parents: are we doing something wrong? Or am I just creating worry about nothing?

Mind you (back to perfection here) when Skibo participated in the three legged race, he and the girl he was attached to did an absolutely amazing job. Perfect, you might say. And compared to the children attempting to drag each other by the leg, amazing....

Yours, shunning perfection for obstinance,

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