Saturday, May 3, 2008


One thing that I find really hard to find here is really good spaghetti: I enjoy making my own pasta, and am reasonably good at linguini, fettuccini, lasagna, etc: but round noodles are beyond the province of the home cook.
And a good spaghetti holds a bite to it when cooked al dente that the flat pastas don't: and it makes all the difference to a spaghetti bolognese, even to the fact version that I make.

Fortunately we have friends who visit the big city every once in a while, and on a recent trip they mentioned they were going to go to Trader Joe's: and asked if there was anything we wanted. Well, I asked her to pick up some long spaghetti if she saw any --- I remember growing up with noodles about twice the length that you find here in the regular pasta section of the grocery store, and haven't been able to find them anywhere.
Anyway, she brought some, and today, to say thankyou, cooked some of them up with a meat-and-tomato sauce. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

And we were able to demonstrate to Boo and Skibo the joy of twirling noodles onto a fork --- with a really long noodle!

Yours, learning to use my noodle,

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