Sunday, June 1, 2008

Soaking the corn

In response to Alice's question below: why do I soak the corn before cooking it?
I like to cook over high heat: and if I put corn (in the husks) directly onto the grill, the husks would burn up immediately. However, if I soak the corn for a little while, half an hour or so, the husks absorb some of the water, and they are slower to burn.
I usually grill the ears until the outer husks are completely charred, and the inner husks are charred enough that the kernels have just picked up a little hint of charring.
In addition, the water held by the husks has the effect of steaming the kernels inside as well, so they get a combination of a grilled and steamed flavour. I have also seen suggestions that putting a knob of butter inside the husk works well too --- but I prefer to rub the butter onto the husk after the grilling is over.

Yours, huskily,


Joke said...

I do almost the same thing, save for putting the corn on the least hot part of the grill. (Dying embers are especially good.)


alice said...

Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated. I will give it a try when next we BBQ, and let you know we think! Thanks again.