Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My old computer still works...

That's a relief: I took my current laptop in to support this morning (the fan is making a loud rattling sound, and doesn't seem to be cooling the machine properly --- so I'm hoping they'll replace the fan): and it took them all day to decided that it wasn't working right. The noise it was making was, admittedly, sporadic, so this is not so surprising.
As a consequence I'm using my old laptop, which I discovered works fine -- except for the fact that over the past couple of weeks, it has forgotten all my firefox settings: no more list of blogs, no more auto-sign-ins, no remembering who I am or how I got there, etc.

Still, I was able to remember enough to get here, and from here I can make it to some of the blogs I like....

Yours, only slightly lost,

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