Thursday, May 1, 2008

More on ids

~A~ has pointed out below that the Indiana government provides id cards for those who need them: not only that, but free.
Of course, this is true. And most states either provide such non-driving version of a driver's license for free or for a small cost: if I recall correctly, in Georgia it was $10 a decade ago.
However, I maintain that there is a cost involved in terms of time and travel in getting such an ID: the effect of the Indiana law is to place a much more significant pre-voting hurdle on those who don't have a driver's license than on those who do. Of course, it is purely coincidence that those who face that burden (the elderly, the very poor) tend to support the party which was not pushing the voter ID law.

I think that my point remains valid: I think that a big part of voter registration drives in Indiana should revolve around getting people the ID they need as well as getting them registered. And Obama should be making a lot of noise about this this week, being out front on this issue.

Oh, and the shrieking sound I referred to above is the sound of the libertarians when they realise that the US has become a "May I see your papers, please" society.

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