Saturday, May 17, 2008

A friend back in town

So we were nice and busy for the day --- I went shopping this morning so that we could have steaks with a red wine reduction, made bread, etc: then we took a couple of hours out to go to the local geology museum, holding their annual "Museum Day". The couple who run the museum (curator and director of educational programs) have been friend of ours for years --- so we were disappointed to discover that they weren't there today: until we found out why, when disappointment turned to concern.
Apparently their little boy has been sick for several days, and today they ended up taking him to the emergency room with dehydration. We've talked to them -- the doctors are keeping him in overnight for observation, but expect things to be okay.

Good to have L back in town, even for just a couple of days (she's come down to watch Boo's dance recital tomorrow afternoon).

Yours, enjoying hosting a guest as always,

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