Friday, May 23, 2008

An open letter to Mrs Clinton

Of course, I don't expect it to come to her attention, since I'm posting it, not sending to her...

Dear Mrs Clinton,
It is entirely possible that something awful could happen to a candidate: speaking as a voter who cast a ballot for Edwards early on, and is now supporting Obama, there are many of us who, in a repetition of such unhappy circumstances as you alluded to today with your RFK remarks, would be more than happy with the party choosing a candidate, possibly one not still in the race. I would, in particular, be quite comfortable under those circumstances to see a Gore/Edwards ticket.
Or, if you insist, perhaps a Gore/Clinton ticket. But after your remarks, I think that I would be very reluctant now to see you at the top of the ticket.

Yours, more than outraged with the way you put it, whatever you meant,

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