Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cats and rabbits

We were awakened last night, or rather early in the morning, by our cats. Twiglet had come in bearing a gift. A small, and no longer particularly alive, rabbit. Cassie, on the other hand, was bearing a smaller gift: the same species, perhaps even the same family, and very much a baby, and very much alive.
Much agonizing ensued about whether we could save the baby, what the right thing to do was. Given that the cats had already brought down the baby's mother or father, it seemed that keeping it here was, shall we say, inappropriate: and we couldn't think of anyone to take it. Finally we tried to release it in an appropriate place --- the end of the garden guarded by the mockingbirds, who delight in attacking our cats --- and keeping the cat flap locked tight for a few hours so the poor creature might have a hope of finding its home. We don't hold out much hope, but at least we tried to give it a fighting chance at a free life.

Yours, sorry for the lop-eared fellow.

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Cornish Dreamer said...

Cats can be so cruel, can't they? But that's Cats! I hope it found its way home.