Tuesday, August 21, 2007


When we arrived at the beach on Sunday, it was just 8 o'clock, but we needed to go to the grocery store to get supplies for a late supper and whisk the children off to bed. So I experienced the sunset standing watching the red sky behind the grocery store: hardly the image I wanted.
After a most unpleasant dinner (ruined by the corn on the cob that we bought at a fruit and vegetable stand on the road, which was immensely disappointing, and by pork chops from the grocery, which were amongst the worst I've had a in a long time) (still, subsequent meals were better, about which more later) we put the children to sleep, and LOML and I settled down to read for a little before hitting the beds ourselves.

Monday we made an especial effort to be done with dinner by about 7:15 so that we could get shoes on children and get out to see the sun set --- the best views were a 10 - 15 minute walk down the beach from our house --- and managed to do exactly that.

Unfortunately timing conspired against us, and we didn't get to see another sunset: it was more important to still be swimming when 6:30 or 7:00 rolled around than to see yet another sunset: still, I think that we got some half-way decent shots.

Yours, setting,


Awareness said...

love the sky, the kite, the colours and the sea oats.....

spent some time kite flying on my vacation too....a friend and i like kids stood flying our kites chatting away for over two hours. She was giving me a lesson on the bio-genetics of some such thing, which isn't really a childlike topic to go with a childlike activity......and at the time, it didn't seem like an odd thing to be doing or discussing....perhaps it was because she's a wonderful lecturer and I was open to hearing all about it.....

Paul said...

Yes, you did get some decent shots.

Auntie Antiquity said...

your vacation sounds lovely and the pictures are great! hope my days at the seashore will be as enjoyable.

Carmi said...

I like your sense of priorities: much more important to keep swimming that to drop everything and shoot.

Yet, despite it all, you snagged some wonderful memories anyway. You're a great photo/life juggler. I must know your secret :)

I'm loving your text and image slices from your vacation. I wish I could be somewhere similar.