Monday, August 20, 2007


One of my favourite pictures to have come about as a result of Boo and Skibo's love for balloons.

Yours, floating,


Rebecca Taunton said...

A great photograph, captured at just the right time! Brilliant. RT

BreadBox said...

RT: thanks! LOML thought so too, and framed it for me last year -- we are still trying to decide where to hang it!


Bob-kat said...

That is a wonderful photo - the colours are amazing and it's a great perspective! I often see balloons in the sky where I live adn I often think to myself that one day it will be me looking down rather than up!

Thanks for visit to congratulate me. I am still surprised to have been chosen as SOTD!

Auntie Antiquity said...

great pic! sounds like your vacation was restful sooo very successful! missed you while you were gone! welcome back

Madseason said...

Awesome pic!! What great timing you have to be there at just the right moment... Great colors... well done! Here from Michele's - have a great one!

Carmi said...

In one picture, you've captured the perfect symmetry of hot air ballooning. It's pictures like this that reinforce to my kids why there's still such thing as magic.