Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fauna II

As we drove up to the beach on Sunday evening, I was surprised to see a pelican. Surprised not because there was any reason to expect them not to be there, just that I had not noticed them the other three times we'd visited that beach. Mind you, those trips had been in February, May and October, so perhaps there were fewer of them there then. Or none!

Anyway, this lone solitary pelican glided silently overhead, and it was as if he or she was beaconing us further, come to the beach, explore!

Throughout the week, we saw more and more pelicans: rarely one by itself: usually a string of pelicans waving through the sky like a child's skipping rope, weaving from side to side, almost as if there was a physical connection from one bird to the next, and someone vibrating the one at the front! Quite magical!

The image above was taken, I believe, on the Monday evening, the same night as the sunset photos: I looked later in the week for an opportunity to photograph one against a blue sky, but the opportunity never arose -- I was too busy in the water with two little children most of the time!

Yours, in an Ogden-Nash-like twitter,


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

It is always intresting to see something that is almost always there, but one just hasn't noticed. Glad that life gave you tat little suprise.

Helle from Michelle

Melody said...

Hi from Michele today Breadbox, but I think I might just come back a little more regularly rather than M&G weekends!!

Your pelican shot is wonderful. It looks so peaceful against the sunset. Well done.

kenju said...

Michele sent me, Breadbox, and I like your photo very much!

Used*to*be*me said...

Beautiful! Michele sent me today, but I've lurked before. *wink*

PI said...

I couid see the pelican quite clearly and the two little scraps in the photo below are adorable. Here from Michele's on my way to bed . Night night!

Anne said...

Hi, Michele sent me, and I was coming anyway, I made my second batch of mozz last night, it's fun! Thanks for the encouragement.

Stephanie Davies said...

I've never actually seen a pelican in person (I only saw the beach once when I was about 6 and I don't remember it at all). Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, tranquil moment in your life!

Michele sent me tonight!

Mr. Althouse said...

That's a nice shot. It's funny... I love the beach. For most of my life I have lived very near the ocean (Pacific). Even now I'm only about two hours away, yet, I have only been once in the last five plus years.


Michele sent me,


BreadBox said...

AOC: I enjoy your writings too!

Melody: welcome to my little abode:-)

Kenju: welcome back:)

U2BM: welcome, and happy unlurking!

PI: the sprogs are indeed adorable. Except when they are not! Which fortunately is not much of the time:-)

Anne: glad the cheese worked...

Stephanie! It is time to get yourself to the beach! The pelicans alone are worth it:-)


Awareness said...

pelicans are like people, or maybe people need to learn something from pelicans who fly like a skipping rope.....great visual....and I like the photo too.

Michele sent me.....quel coincidence!

Bob-kat said...

I enlarged your pic and it looks like a work of art! Very atmospheric.

Michele sent me to say hi but will come along all on my own sometime! :)

Moogie said...

I love the photo BreadBox. I've always found pelicans to be quite fascinating to watch. Here from Michele's today but I'm going to putter around her a bit if you don't mind.

BreadBox said...

Mike: We are not quite so close: 4 hours or so: but we only go when we make it a vacation trip...

Awareness: coincidence? or good timing?

Bob-kat: thanks, and please do come back -- I think that you'd like
shot post from a few days ago too.

Moogie: please do look around!

Carmi said...

Michele sent me this morning to let you know how entranced I am by your entries from the seashore.

When we were in Florida last winter, I remember being mesmerized by the pelicans flying overhead. So unbelievably majestic.

You've captured the essence of themso beautifully here.

Becky68 said...

Neat picture- I've never seen a pelican either- I grew up about 10 miles from the beach but New England beaches are famous for a different kind of wildlife.
Michele sent me to check out your beach vacation today.

Finn said...

Lovely picture... my favorite time of day.

Michele sent me -- happy weekend!

Rebecca Taunton said...

Another lovely picture, and a great description to go with it. It was a pleasure to read.