Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's enough to make a baker cry with joy

I was moved this afternoon to remember back four years to Boo's first solid food. I had taught a breadmaking class at our local culinary wares store the night before, on wholewheat loaves, and in the process of teaching had put together a batch of dough: when I got home, I shaped it, and left two loaves to rise overnight in the fridge.

The next day was Boo's six month birthday, and we took her to her checkup that morning. Our paediatrician answered our query about eating solid food with "she'll let you know when she's ready".

On our return to the house, I baked the loaves, and LOML and I ate them for lunch. Absolutely delicious, if I recall. But what was best was that Boo was sitting on LOML's lap, reached for the bread, taking it right out of LOML's hand, and stuffed it into her mouth. She was indeed ready for solid food, and we never looked back:-)

And somewhere, we have a lovely photo of a beautiful little girl cramming a slice of warm wholewheat bread into her little mouth!

Yours, in recollection,

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