Friday, August 31, 2007


Couple of things said today:

Me - "Skibo, what did you do at work today"
Skibo - "Lots of screwing work, so I can help you if you need screwing done."


(lying on the floor with a plastic Knight's shield) "This is my surfboard!"

This latter one especially is a huge relief, as he is madly keen on knights and fighting and other boyly things that we wish he'd grow out of, just a little bit. Or at least, stop trying to hit people with his sword...

Yours, amused,


Russ said...

Hey, thanks for stoping by my blog. I thought I could detect just a whiff of freshley baked bread coming out of my CPU...

Carmi said...

How cool that you capture these little snippets of childhood. They'll be treasured someday. Come to think of it, they already are.

Hi again from Michele's. If I get kicked off your site the next time I visit, I'll know that you finally IP-banned me :-)

Michele said...

Please, tell me, Mr. BreadBox, are you suggesting that it is wrong to be "madly keen" on boyly things? Really, I must know, before I become even *more* madly keen on someone who was, no doubt, keen on Skibo-type-things, when he was his age.

Yes, I shall check back for your reply.

Yours, curious, Michele

BreadBox said...

I am suggesting that being madly keen on the boyly things that he is madly keen on, especially of the hitting other people over the head with variety, are things that we'd be just as happy if he choose to surf with instead of choosing to hit people over the head with...

As for tMWMMS (I think that the correct pronunciation is
't Mimms
't Mumms
but I'm not Welsh, so....) I hope that he has given up hitting people over the head, and is now better at using his sword in less dangerous ways...

Michele said...

Yes, tMWMMS is very good in hero mode, this much I am certain of.

Your reply prompted me to smile at the thought of Skibo's antics, of course, it is easy for me to smile, I do not witness the boyly hitting. Your reply also provided a very helpful pronunciation guide, thank you for that.

I shall let him, tMWMMS, know that the awkward title I have bestowed upon him can actually be spoken. He will, no doubt, be pleased about that. Of course, I will tell him the pronunciation is compliments of you, for which I am certain he will be grateful.

Of course, he could thank-you himself, but I am uncertain if he visits here. Let me go check...

BreadBox said...

Michele: I'm glad that you've had a chance to witness tMWMMS in hero mode:-) Whether this was in a serious-danger situation, or he was just displaying preparedness-for-every-situation, good for him!

Skibo's antics of course are cute, except when they hurt, which is why we try to persuade him to cut down even on the cute versions.

When I was 3 I met my cousin: everyone would laugh when she bit people --- "oh, what a cute little girl" they'd say. Then she bit me. I am still missing a piece of my nose.
But she never bit anyone ever again! And the piece of ear never grew back either.

Michele said...

Ouch, poor BreadBox!

Guilty Admission: I was that little three year old who bit another child. Only once. My mother seen it and marched over and bit me. That immediately stopped my interest in biting anyone else. Sadly, it never stopped her interest in threatening to bite me whenever I misbehaved, in fact, I think her last threat was several weeks ago when I did not return her call as quickly as she thought I should.

You should have tossed bread at your cousin, that is what I do to my mother. Or, did you not make bread at three? Oh, please don't answer that, I like to imagine a three year old BreadBox with his EasyBake Oven. (smile)

~A~ said...

Playmobil has all sorts of pirates, knights, etc toys that are a great outlet for those boy adventures. Plus the girls like to play with them too.

But they never really grow out of such boy fun, they just learn to control themselves. The hitting for fun phase does end.