Wednesday, June 15, 2011

While the cat's away

the mice will play.

And in our case, while Boo's away, LOML and I will play with Skibo. 

In this instance, we were driving to the big (small) city to buy some things harder to find near home, and Skibo was not happy about the travel.  On the way there, he played with a birdsong gadget, making LOML and me realise how few birdsongs we can identify from memory.  I definitely need some practice on that score!! (Or would, if it mattered enough).

On the way home, Skibo kept asking how long it was till we got home: so we pointed out that the dashboard clock showed current time, and Emma, our GPS, gives an expected time of arrival.  And so Skibo started calculating how many minutes to go, subtracting times from each other with great skill!

A fwe minutes later, we started getting him to tell us how to spell words: he was fantastic at it (if not 100% correct --- but a good high accuracy rate, and we were giving him words like "magnificent" and "praiseworthy", which I think are tricky for a typical 6 year old)!

Yours, thrilled by the fact that he can spell so well already, and without a pen or paper at hand!

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