Saturday, June 18, 2011

A surprise outing

The children decided that they wanted to play with friends this morning, and so LOML and I got an unexpected, very pleasant opportunity to go off to lunch at the Thai restaurant with our friends the vets: now, S is not, by her own description, an adventurous eater, but today she decided she wanted to branch out.  And we are very proud of her for trying all sorts of new, exotic, scary foods: foods like Pad Thai (which was not actually that good), Massuman Curry (which was good) and Green Curry (which she liked best of these three), in addition to Chicken Satay (which she enjoyed tremendously).

So, not only did we encourage a friend to branch out, gastronomically speaking, but she enjoyed the experience too, and found some things she'd choose to eat again!

Yours, having enjoyed the surprise outing,

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