Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thai one on again

I mis-spoke yesterday, when I suggested that yesterday morning would be more complicated than the rest of the week.  Hopefully, today will turn out to have been the complicated day.
LOML turned out to have a cooking program to run today (two people signed up at the last moment, and so it wasn't cancelled) and so last night we had a dry run.  It didn't go so well: we forgot to add a couple of key ingredients to recipes, and while the food was edible, it didn't pop.
Well, today we both went (with Skibo and a laptop in tow, so he could play on the computer out of mind but not out of sight) and taught some lovely people to make some simple Thai food.
All in all, the class was a blast: everyone had fun, we put all the ingredients into each dish, everything tasted great together, and a fun time was had by all.

Yours, having enjoyed a few hours doing something I didn't expect to be doing,

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