Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Before Time

Today is the twentieth birthday of the son of my two closest friends: I remember visiting them a few months later for his baptism, and babysitting him for an hour, and having to rock him in his pram the whole time, hecause otherwise he wouldn't stop screaming... but when I rocked him he quieted down a little.
A couple of years later, when his family had moved to the US, I visited again: I have a very strong memory of sitting with him and his younger sister, watching The Land Before Time, or one of its sequels, watching the joy and fear and delight and suspense on their little faces.  Again, babysitting while their parents stole a few moments together.
And now, the circle turns, and this evening Skibo asked for a movie night, and since he'd recently watched TLBT, and there are multiple sequels, we watched the first sequel available for streaming on net flix.  And I watched his face, as thrilled, scared and delighted as another child's face had been long, long ago.

Yours, watching similarities across the years,

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