Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revisiting the harvest blend salad

This afternoon I decided we'd try to have fish for dinner --- grocery stores permitting --- with trout as the first choice, and salmon as the fallback position. 
Unfortunately the grocery store had no trout, but they did have wild salmon, at a reasonable price, and it looked gorgeous, so I bought some.  I had decided to pair it with a variant on the harvest blend salad I made last week: replacing the pineapple with orange segments, and the rice vinegar in the dressing by lime and lemon juices (together with the zest from all three citrus fruits).  A small change, but it made a big difference in the flavour: not better, not worse, but different: and definitely very good with salmon.
The salmon I poached, in chardonnay and water, with dill and some of the citrus zest: deliciously delicate, perfectly flavoured, and beautiful to look at.

For the carbs, I threw together a couple of flatbreads dressed with garlic oil (using a no-knead bread recipe, together with some olive oil), which lent a delightful heft and earthy flavour to the meal.

All in all, a dinner fit for a feast --- except for Skibo, who has still to develop a sophisticated palate....

Yours, happy as heck with how this dinner turned out,

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